SURE - Showcasing Undergraduate Research Excellence

SURE is an initiative aiming to promote and value undergraduate research at Bournemouth University (BU) across all Schools and levels of study. The vision is to create a BU-wide annual conference in which undergraduate work can be celebrated and showcased to the wider academic community and external organisations outside the confines of formal assessment. Parallel to the organisation of the SURE conference, the project will raise awareness of the benefits of engaging students in research and actively seek ways in which undergraduate work can increasingly make an impact to local communities, businesses and the environment.

The principles underpinning SURE are:

• Most types of undergraduate work involve elements of research.
• Research is undertaken by students in coursework, dissertations, placements, volunteering and within academic societies.
• Research is a core element of academic life and should be inclusive and valued.
• Research skills are widely applicable within most professional practices.
• Explicitly valuing research co-creation can be a mechanism to promote student engagement by stimulating personal and professional development.
• Engaging students in research is a well-recognised path to academic excellence.
• There is little opportunity for undergraduate students to promote their work outside the confines of formal assessment.

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